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Cricket Bat Repairs {there is life in the old wand yet}

  • Cricket Bat Repairs
  • Cricket Bat Repairs
  • Cricket Bat Repairs
  • Cricket Bat Repairs
  • Cricket Bat Repairs

We now have NET BATS available from £25.00 - contact us for more information.

The Cricket Doctor offers a comprehensive bat repair service for any make of bat which includes the following:

  • Repair only (toe, edge, shoulder etc) - £15.00
  • Bat service (repair, re-finish, relabel* & regrip) - £30.00
  • Rehandle - £45.00
  • Rebalance (weight reduction of 2-3oz) - £30.00
  • Match Ready (oil, knocking-in & pro-face) - £30.00
  • Protective Facing (supply and fit) - £5.00
  • Handle Adjustment - £15.00
  • Toe Gaurd - £15.00

These services are available for any make of bat. If you wish to send us your bat for repair/service (non warranty), please complete a Bat Repair Form and send it to us together with your bat. If you would prefer to deliver your items in person, please contact us on 01823 327755.

If several services are required on your bat, please phone us on 07718002733 for a quotation.

*Relabel with Cricket Doctor labels

Download Repair Form

Supporting info {the fine print}

We recommend you send your bat to us by recorded delivery for security reasons. If you are uncertain as to whether or not the bat can be repaired you can send us an e-mail with a close up photo of the damage and we will advise. This method could potentially save you the cost of postage if, in our opinion, it is not repairable.

Alternatively you can give us a call on 01823 327755.

Please note that any work carried out on your goods will void any existing manufacturers warranty that you may have on the goods.

Please note that whilst we will make every effort to ensure the repair of a bat will stand the test of time, cricket bats are made of a natural material which is very unpredictable, we cannot guarantee any repairs 100%.